Corporate headshots that captivate


An investment in a professional headshot is an investment in yourself and the quality of your photo can be vital to landing leads. 


Why Me?

Not only do I offer great value, service and efficiency but I ensure that the process of the photoshoot is collaborative process and that the photos we make are to the highest standard. 

I understand that it is a privilege to have clients want to work with me and I work to make sure that they feel comfortable, respected and valued. Therefore through out the photoshoot we work together to pick your favourite images and discuss and review the as we go ensuring that you are part of the process the whole way through.

Most of my clients lead hectic lives and can’t take too much time away from their work so I work efficiently to ensure that the time I take up is as little as needed. Whether this is the booking process, the photoshoot itself or the turn around of delivering the photos, I take every step I can to be as efficient for my clients as possible.

You don’t need a photographer that is going to just “do the job” and click the shutter. You need someone that is going to be able to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera and help you forget that it's even there.

What you get

You will walk away with 2 high quality images but it can be more if we have enough time at the end of the shoot. This is a good amount to start with for a portfolio.

The first images are professionally re-touched and any extras will be available at an extra cost.

The images will be delivered in square format which is ready for use in social media sites such as LinkedIn. You will also receive copies of the photo in landscape and portrait.

Who needs photos?

A picture says a thousand words. 

So an investment in a headshot is an investment in yourself and the difference in how you are represented in your photo can be vital to landing leads. 

It’s important that your photo is relevant to you and represents who you are today. We have to maintain our public image to reflect how we want to be viewed by the world.

The photographer you choose can make all the difference to how you feel in front of the camera and in turn how you are perceived in your photo so having someone that you feel comfortable with is important.

Do you look confident or scared? 

Are you approachable or hostile? 

Are you cheap or professional?

If you don’t take yourself seriously will you expect anyone else to?